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We’re passionate about delivering great content to our riders, so we’ve teamed up with organisations and experts from far and wide to bring you helpful resources that will get you on your bike. Here, you’ll be able to access all our webinar recordings and find relevant information relating to the topic. And don’t forget to look out for upcoming webinars in your email inbox. By joining our live sessions, you’ll be able to interact with the speakers and ask your most burning questions. Enjoy!

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Boost your basic biking skills

Biking is for everyone, no matter your level of skill or experience. If you’ve found yourself ready to ride but nervous about hitting the road, there are lots of resources available to you. 

Love to Ride and Bikeability are committed to helping riders skill up and pedal out, and that’s what this webinar is all about! Whether you’re new in the saddle or a pedalling pro looking to refresh your skills, we discuss everything from road positioning to avoiding conflict, so click below and check it out!

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2:06 All about Bikeability

18:55 Build your biking skills with David Bocking from Love to Ride

32:50 Your questions answered

Helpful links

These organisations and resources will help you boost your skills, expand your knowledge and increase your confidence:

Webinar speakers

  • Bikeability - Emily Cherry, Executive Director 
  • Love to Ride - David Bocking, Community Engagement Manager

Commuting with confidence

So many people would love to commute by bike, but they haven’t yet. Why? Confidence is key! As part of our Cycle September 2021 webinar series, we teamed up with Cyclescheme to discuss tips, tricks and tools to help people start cycling to work, whether you’re a returning rider or a total beginner. But don’t worry if you missed the webinar; you can view it now or read on for all important information.



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Access what you need straight away by skipping to these webinar sections:

3:22 Why ride to work?

5:30 How to conquer your commute – tips and tricks from Angus

17:12 All about Cyclescheme with Andrew Brodick      

32:28 Rider questions answered

Helpful links to get you biking

If you’d like to build your knowledge around the topics discussed in the webinar, click through the links below to gain access to helpful tips, tricks and Quick Courses from Love to Ride. You’ll be a confident commuter in no time!

🚲 Tips for new riders

❄  Winter riding advice

🚴 Basic bike handling Quick Course

😁 Tips to build your confidence

🚵  Tips for riding for transportation

Useful links

Webinar speakers

  • Love to Ride, Angus Rodney - Business Development Coordinator
  • Cyclescheme, Andrew Brodrick  - Project Administrator

Winter riding webinar 

In preparation for the cold weather and darker days, we held a winter riding webinar for all you hardy riders! 

We know that winter weather can deter a lot of new riders from getting on their bikes, and we want to change that. In this webinar, we were joined by Bikeability to show that bike riding is a year-round activity. From road positioning to staying steady on ice, we covered all the biking basics. No worries if you missed it because we’ve got the recording ready to view. See below for helpful quick jumps and useful links to help you build your biking confidence.

Quick jumps

Access what you need straight away by skipping to these webinar sections:

  • 0:00 Winter Wheelers and Love to Ride essential information 
  • 2:14 Winter cycling tips
  • 13:44 Tackling challenges
  • 18:15 Decision making
  • 19:59 Bike, clothing and ride preparation
  • 28:38 Bike maintenance
  • 32:48 Your questions answered

Helpful links

🚲 Bikeability 

❄️ Love to Ride’s cold weather riding Quick Course

Webinar speakers

  • Love to Ride, Marketing Manager - Claire Sharpe
  • Bikeability Partnership Manager - Benjamin Smith
  • Bikeability Development and Operations Officer - Patrick Jarman


Lincolnshire All time stats

  • 237 Workplaces
  • 4,198 People
  • 1,134 New riders
  • 3,040,664 Miles
  • 226,525 Rides
  • 422,034 lbs CO2
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