Ride Into Spring

This March, riders across Jersey will be building their bike confidence and winning prizes!

As we emerge from winter and look towards the Bike Month Challenge in May, it’s time to dust off our bikes and Ride into Spring. 🌼 

Ride into Spring is all about getting your bike out of the shed, giving it some love, logging your first ride and setting goals to keep you riding into summer. 

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Here’s how it works

From 1 to 31 March, riders in Jersey will be in with a chance to win locally sourced prizes, like a brand new e-bike, simply by riding their bikes. 

Any kind of bike ride counts, whether it’s a 10-minute spin around the park or the daily commute. 

Logging one ride will automatically enter you into the prize draw, and the more days you ride, the more chances you have to win!

Once you’ve been out for your first ride, log it on your profile to enter the draw. 

Log a ride

Prize winners will be announced in April. Click here to check out what you could win!

Download the Ride into Spring calendar here!

Jersey events

There will be mini events and pop-ups during March for you to test out bikes, go on organised cycle rides, and grab a free banana on your commute to work. Updates will be posted on the Events page.

By the time the Bike Month challenge begins in May, you will be riding with more confidence and be ready for the challenge (possibly with a brand new e-bike)!

Want to find out more about cycling resources and courses for Islanders? Check out the Where to Ride page here.

If you don’t win in March, you could win in May!

Here's everything you need to know about the Bike Month Challenge

After the local Ride into Spring challenge for Islanders, Love to Ride is offering even more chances to win this May during the Bike Month Challenge. 

During the Bike Month Challenge, workplaces have one mission - to get more co-workers riding and smiling. 😃


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To climb the workplace leaderboards, it’s all about participation: The bigger your workplace team, the higher you’ll climb the leaderboard. Which workplace will get the highest percentage of their staff riding bikes? Only time will tell!

Individuals can take part, too, simply by heading out for a bike ride in May. The more times you ride, the more entries you get into the rider prize draws. 

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How to take part 

1️⃣ Register - it's totally free

2️⃣ Ride your bike for 10-mins or more; even a ride around the park counts 

3️⃣ Log your ride online or do it automatically by connecting to an app  

4️⃣ Spread the bike love by encouraging others to join 

5️⃣ Win great prizes!

Workplace leaderboards

Workplaces will compete against those of a similar size and each employee who logs a ride contributes to their workplace’s leaderboard position. There are seven size categories: 

2000+ staff

500-1999 staff 

200-499 staff

50-199 staff

20-49 staff

7-19 staff

1-6 staff

Example local leaderboard

Example local leaderboard for the 50-199 staff category, showing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place.


What are the benefits to workplaces?

  • Free for all employees
  • A fun activity for your whole team
  • A friendly competition between staff teams and other local organisations
  • Help reduce congestion
  • Improve the overall health and wellbeing of employees
  • Prize incentives for all


Register for the Bike Month Challenge


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Get ready for the Bike Month Challenge and win

Love to Ride is offering even more chances to win prizes before the Bike Month Challenge begins.

Here’s how it works 

Three simple steps, three chances to win! Completing each step enters you into a prize draw for £2,000 (that’s £6,000 total!). Here’s how to take part:

1️⃣ Set a goal to be completed before 1 May (when the Bike Month Challenge begins)

2️⃣ Go for a bike ride and log it on your profile

3️⃣ Achieve your goal!

Bike Month challenge prize asset

Set your goal

If you’re ready to set your spring riding goal, click below. If not, click here to find out how to set great goals!

Set my goal now

…and enter the first £2,000 prize draw!

Log a ride

With a goal set, it’s time to ride towards it! Log your first ride to enter the second prize draw.

Log a ride

If you achieve your goal before May 1st, you’ll go into another prize draw to win another £2,000!

The Bike Month Challenge 2023

1st May - 31st May 2023

Starts in 41 days!

To register:

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