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Clubs and Groups

We had feedback from some clubs, social riding groups, and groups of friends who were really wanting to unite all their people into one team, see their stats (collectively and individually), encourage each other to ride, and, in some cases, to compete against each other and with other clubs/groups. 

Therefore, you can now join or register a club or social riding group on Love to Ride!

Your cycling club/group page will be available year round and you'll have internal leaderboards for most miles, most trips, most commutes, etc. You can also filter these stats so you can see the top riders each month/year.

You can personalize your club profile, upload photos, high-five your team-mates for riding, invite people to join and message your team to spur on inter-club competition... as well as compete against other clubs/groups on Love to Ride!

How to join a club/group

See you in the saddle!

Bikkelseizoen 2021 - Fietsjefris

1 - 25 december 2021

Eindigt over 21 dagen!

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Bikkelseizoen 2021 - Fietsjefris

  • 11 Organisaties
  • 49 Deelnemers
  • 5 Nieuwe fietsers
  • 2.059 Km
  • 94 Ritten
  • 180 kg CO2

Fiets Je Fris Totaal statistieken

  • 17 Organisaties
  • 317 Fietsers
  • 83 Nieuwe fietsers
  • 409.297 km
  • 16.536 Ritten
  • 31.129 kg CO2
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