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Our Goal: burn 1058 tacos by 30th September 2021
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Mad Gibbo Sustainable Transport Not Signed-up yet 1056 24,213
Sam Webber Education Not Signed-up yet 965 8,528
Martin Parfitt Libraries Not Signed-up yet 891 7,226
Paul Bown security Not Signed-up yet 633 17,470
Tim Farrance ICT Not Signed-up yet 631 6,220
Martin Fodor Democratic Services Not Signed-up yet 558 2,416
Kevin Mundy Social Services Not Signed-up yet 550 2,417
Emma Downey City Tansport Not Signed-up yet 478 4,580
Paul Rogoll Housing Not Signed-up yet 452 4,766
Scott Jones Not Signed-up yet 407 3,587

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Bristol All time stats

  • 196 Workplaces
  • 3,009 People
  • 440 New riders
  • 2,901,406 Miles
  • 231,327 Rides
  • 371,418 lbs CO2
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