Get more people riding bikes this February

Do you want to get your friends, family, and co-workers involved in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge? Invite people to join now by clicking the buttons below. 

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If you want to step it up, download the Staff Engagement Pack which is full of short messages, emails, social media posts, and more. They’re ready to go, you just need to copy and paste! Keep scrolling to preview some of the great images you'll find inside.


A sneak peek at what's inside...

For Instagram

A square image with 'Aotearoa Bike Challenge' at the top right. Pictured is a woman cycling with a helmet on. There is a tree and big building behind her, as if she was cycling through a city area.
A square image with 'Aotearoa Bike Challenge, a fun free challenge open to everyone!' Below is an illustrated landscape with mountains behind and a cycle path leading to the front. People are illustrated cycling with helmets on, adults and children amongst others who are walking and sat in the surrounding scenery.
At the top is the text 'WIN A BRAND NEW E-BIKE FROM WATTWHEELS' in blue. 'Wattwheels' is in orange and italicised. Underneath, is a black e-bike with text underneath 'worth $3,999!'

For Facebook/Twitter

A woman riding a bike past a bus on the road. She is smiling and wearing a helmet. On the ride text reads 'ARE YOU READY TO RIDE?' in white on top of an orange background.
Two images of cats side by side. On the left is a grey fluffy cat looking sad and down to the ground. The navy text on an orange background beneath reads 'NOT REGISTERED FOR THE AOTEAROA BIKE CHALLENGE'. On the left is a white and brown cat facing the camera with its mouth open excitedly. The text beneath reads 'REGISTERED FOR THE AOTEAROA BIKE CHALLENGE'.


Poster with text at the top reading 'Aotearoa Bike Challenge, 1-28 February 2022. A fun, free challenge open to everyone!' Below is an illustration of a blue toned landscape with mountains and a yellow orange cycle path going through the mountains. There are people cycling on the path with helmets on. Below text reads 'Sign up at'.

Download the poster (PDF)

Auckland region

1st February - 28th February 2022

Starts in 62 days!

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Auckland Registrations 2022

  • 181 Workplaces
  • 644 People

Aotearoa Bike Challenge Registrations

  • 743 Workplaces
  • 2,638 People

Auckland All time stats

  • 1,537 Workplaces
  • 23,218 People
  • 7,336 New riders
  • 24,234,945 Kilometers
  • 1,222,981 Rides
  • 1,050,965 kg CO2
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