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Top Tips for Riding While Working From Home

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What does your work from home routine look like? Is it structured with timely screen breaks, daily bike rides and regular bedtimes? Or is it ever changing?

Maintaining a routine and, in particular, a regular riding routine can do so many things, including:

💪Maintain your physical fitness

😌Boost your mental wellbeing

☀️Provide your daily dose of fresh air

🍃Connect with nature and your local area

🧠Give your brain a chance to reset before and after the working day

Here, we take a look at great ways to keep riding no matter where you’re working.

Start Small

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There are no rules when it comes to riding while you’re working from home. Even a quick ride once a week is a great accomplishment. Start where you feel comfortable and build up from there. 

Try a WFH Commute

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Just because your office is now located in your home, doesn’t mean that you need to cancel your commute. Say hello to ‘WFH commutes’! 

A WFH (or ‘fake’) commute is essentially a replacement of your old commuting routine. It gets you up and ready to leave the house but the difference is that you finish where you started - your home.

Find a route in advance that’s as long or short as you want and that ends up at your front door.

Top virtual commute tip: motivate yourself to get up and ride with a trip to a local coffee shop or a viewpoint where you can take in the local vistas.

Get Ready to Ride in Advance

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If you’ve planned a bike ride while working from home, prepare everything in advance. Honestly, it’s a HUGE help.

Take a look at the weather, lay out your clothes and give your bike a quick check ahead of when you intend to leave e.g. the night before. Make sure your bike is in an easy-to-reach place so that you can get on the move without delay.

With all your prep completed, you’ll be ready to ride when you planned and less likely to put it off until another day.

Lunch Rides

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Going for a ride does so much more than provide you with a great workout. Getting out on your bike in the middle of the day can refresh your mind, boost your creativity and reduce stress levels.

Plan to meet a friend or go for a social ride. Adding a bit of social time will mimic some of the social interaction you had at work and it will brighten your day. Plus, if there’s something you’re struggling through at work, discussing it with someone in the middle of the day could help you gain some much-needed perspective.

Keep the Good Vibes Going

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Remember how you feel after you complete a ride? Happy, motivated and have a great big smile on your face! Whenever you’re questioning whether to go for a ride, conjure up those feelings and use them to get you riding.

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