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How to stay motivated to ride to work

Motivation ebbs and flows, and when it flows, great things can happen!

We’ve put together a few ideas to help boost your motivation to conquer your commute by bike. If you’ve been struggling to get on your bike and ride, it’s time to get your mojo back!

A mixture of men and women cycle along a cycle track next to a road in New Zealand. They have paused their ride, most people look away but one woman gives a thumbs up to the camera. They are all wearing helmets on different types of bike.

Focus on the benefits

We all know riding a bike rocks, but when you’re in a funk it’s all too easy to think about all the reasons why you don't want to get on your bike. This is when it’s important to focus on the benefits. 

Why not try noting down what you enjoyed after a ride? Then, on the days you’re lacking motivation, you can remind yourself why you ride in the first place.

Biking benefits you may never have heard of: 

🎨 It can make you more creative. Aerobic exercise has been found to boost creative thinking, help people solve mental blocks and make decisions.

😃 You’re one ride away from a good mood. Riding a bike gives you a natural (and legal) ‘high’, increasing your happy hormones, and making you feel exhilarated and even euphoric.

💚 Research finds that bike commuters are the least exposed to air pollution in congested city centres. Drivers and those on the buses are exposed to almost double the number of pollution particles than those who ride bikes.

Man commutes by bike on a road with cars and motorbikes.

Make your ride fun

Riding is a great way to release your inner child. Here’s a practical and not-boring-at-all list of ways to bring the fun to your bike commute:

  • Buddy up. Arrange to meet a friend somewhere along the way and ride together. You’ll never bail on a bike commute ever again, promise! 
  • Switch up your route. Even a small change to your route can keep things fresh. Take the side road, explore the scenic route, and discover new and exciting paths. Bike adventures before you get to work = winning!
  • Take stops along the way. Leave 15 minutes early and call by your favourite coffee shop, admire a view or have a snack in the park.

Man rides through a city on an orange bicycle, there is no traffic and there is a back drop of flats and a large green tree.

Gear up for greatness 

When it comes to bike gear, a little investment can make all the difference. You don’t need to spend a small fortune either. Why not ask for advice in your local bike shop? You’ll likely meet staff with a fountain of knowledge on the best bike gear for your buck. 

Don't overthink it

Don’t think, just do. Often the hardest part about commuting by bike is getting out of the door. We’re here to tell you that you can do it! Commit to starting the ride. Head out the door, hop on your bike and we promise you’ll always be glad that you did it. 

Ride your own way

There are endless different right ways to commute to work. Find what works for you. Breaking up your journey could be a great option. Plenty of buses or trains let you bring your bike on, or you could drive halfway and bike the second part. Remember that if you ride once a week, every week for one year, that’s 104 rides. An impressive stat! 

Most importantly, listen to your mind and body. Everyone needs a break once in a while and dips in motivation are completely normal. Do the things that you are motivated to do and trust that when you’re ready to come back to riding, you will. Self-compassion is key. You’re doing great!

"YOU GOT THIS" written using chalk on the concrete floor

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