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Your Guide to Bike Insurance

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You’re proud of your bike, you’ve adorned it with accessories and secured it with a sturdy lock. But do you have bike insurance? Sure, a great lock will go some way to protect you from opportunistic thieves, but it won’t protect you from all potential damages. 

 Purchasing a bike insurance policy is a great way to protect your bike and give you peace of mind, so we’ve outlined a few things you may want to consider


First things first, what does bike insurance cover?

Bike insurance policies can cover pretty much everything (except biking backflips and fire stunts, perhaps), and each one varies. Luckily, you can choose what works best for you. 

Your insurer could cover:

🚲 Theft – at home or out and about

🚲 Accidental damage – from potholes, for example

🚲 Vandalism – get your bike fixed and ready to ride

🚲 Clothing and accessories – useful if you’ve been splashing out on extras

🚲 Multi-bike discount – great for families, groups, or bike lovers with a few sets of wheels

🚲 Personal accident insurance – if you have an incident with a third party or suffer a serious injury

Does home insurance cover your bike?

In some instances, yes. However, it is important to read the fine print since many insurers limit how much they’ll insure you for. For example, your bike may only be covered against theft if it’s at home and the policy could carry a high excess, making a claim uneconomical. Considering 90% of claims are ‘away from home,’ your home insurance policy may be insufficient. 

For greater policy coverage, it’s worth investing in bike insurance that covers all eventualities and is value for money.

Top tips for choosing your insurer 

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Picking an insurer you can trust is important. After all, you want to be sure they will pay out if the worst does happen. Here’s how to choose the perfect insurer for you:


🔎 Check the reviews

Like with any purchase, checking reviews is a great idea! You can often find customer reviews on the company website or through a simple online search.

👀 Look who the policy is underwritten by

Check whether a reputable and trusted brand underwrites the insurer.

🚴 Do they understand cyclists?

This may seem obvious but look to see whether your insurer understands your needs as a cyclist. If they do, you can expect a great experience if you do ever need to make a claim. They’ll understand what it means to lose or damage your beloved bike and they’ll take good care of you.

📞 Give them a call

If you’re still unsure about who to choose, give them a call. That way, you can ask your important questions and decide whether it feels right.

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