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4 steps to get you riding

Thinking about riding a bike again for the first time in a long time? Here are 4 things you need to know.

Are you digging a bike out of the shed for the first time in months... years... forever? We’ve put together a list of the four steps to help you get ready to ride.

1. Getting your bike ready to ride

Rekindling a long lost friendship with your bike means checking it’s all in working order. 

You can start by going over the 'ABC' quick bike check guide here.

Does your bike need a bit of maintenance? You’ve got options:

  1. Do some basic bike maintenance yourself - use these simple bike maintenance guides
  2. Take your bike into a bike shop - find a local bike shop here

2. Brush up on your essential cycling skills

Knowing and practicing some essential biking skills will help give you confidence on two wheels. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of knowledge and skills here.

3. Find and an appropriate route to ride 

Once you’ve got to know your bike, it’s best not to just jump on and take the route you would if you were in a car. 

Instead, try looking for routes through quiet neighbourhood streets or other parallel/alternative routes where traffic is naturally slower and you can ride more comfortably. Adding a little bit of distance in exchange for a more comfortable ride is almost always worth it!

New to riding and looking for something more accessible? Start with a multi-use pathway or trail where you can ride without having to deal with cars at all. Once you’re comfortable there you can graduate to roads with bike lanes or other dedicated biking facilities on them, or quiet residential streets with speeds around 25 mph. These two environments are perfectly suited to riding a bike, and will provide a comfortable and more pleasant ride.

We have collected a bunch of trails and routes in Atlanta. Find a trail near you. 

4. Practice, build up your confidence, and enjoy the ride!

Confidence whilst cycling comes with practice, so enjoy a number of rides on quiet streets, parks, multi-use paths, etc. 

Practice your essential cycling skills and master each one! Knowing how to ride confidently will dramatically enhance your experience when riding a bike.

And last, but not least, enjoy it! Riding a bike can put a big smile on your face. Take your time, go easy on yourself and don’t push yourself too hard or fast at first.

You’ll soon find that you get an endorphin kick and a natural high both while riding your bike and hours after you’ve parked you bike back home. So enjoy!

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