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Prizes Terms and Conditions

Issue date: 26 January 2023

Terms governing all our challenges and prize draws

Below are a set of Terms & Conditions pertaining to all prizes offered as part of a Love to Ride challenge. Dates for the challenge and specific criteria for each prize are advertised alongside the prize on the challenge prizes page. 

1. Prize offerings and prize criteria are determined before the beginning of the challenge and advertised on the prizes page

2. Many prizes are often only eligible to riders who are associated with a funded regional site or a member of a funded workplace 

3. Additional prize criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Rider frequency (new, occasional, regular rider)
  • Rider age¬†
  • Rider gender (see more information on gendered prizes here)
  • Rider location
  • Logging a given number of rides
  • Encouraging a given number of other riders
  • Setting or completing a goal
  • Sharing a story or photo
  • Earning a point during a challenge

4. The start and end dates for the challenge can be found on the challenge prizes page with prizes drawn on various dates throughout the challenge

5. Prize criteria are publicly advertised on Love to Ride for each prize on the challenge prizes page

6. Riders who are registered for the challenge in question and meet the criteria stated are eligible for each prize draw

7. A winner is randomly selected from all eligible entrants for each individual prize draw unless otherwise stated

8. Some prize draws offer riders multiple entries dependent on the number of times they perform a given action. Where this is the case it will be indicated as part of the prize criteria for that prize on the challenge prizes page

9. Some prize draws include a "pick your prize" element which is featured on the challenge prize page and offers riders a choice between two prizes. Only riders who have selected an option prior to the draw date are eligible entrants for these prize draws. The randomly selected winner will then receive the prize that they previously selected. Selecting an option does not guarantee entry into this prize draw as there may be additional prize criteria that are publicly advertised.

10. Once a winner has been selected, Love to Ride reserves the right the disqualify the given winner and redraw their prize for any of the following reasons:

  • The winner in question has been selected for a previous prize
  • On inspection, it's clear that the winner that was drawn had not met the eligibility criteria fairly
  • At the discretion of the client or sponsor who has provided the prize

11. Love to Ride aims to administrate all prizes within 1 month of the challenge in question being completed

12. Winners are contacted via email and asked to respond to a short survey in order to claim their prize

13. We reserve the right to disqualify a winner and redraw their prize if they do not claim the prize within 7 days of being contacted

14. If a prize remains unclaimed after 2 successive winners are drawn and contacted then we reserve the right to not select another winner and reserve the prize for later use

15. Once a prize is claimed it may be administered and delivered by either:

  • The Love to Ride support team
  • The local client or sponsor who has provided the prize

16. In the event that the prize is being administered by a client or sponsor, the information provided by the winner when claiming the prize will be passed on to the relevant party for the purpose of fulfilling the prize

17. Prizes being delivered by a client or sponsor can be subject to delays outside of Love to Ride’s control including stock availability

18. Love to Ride reserves the right to alter these terms in between challenges

19. Prizes are non-transferable

20. Love to Ride reserves the right to offer a cash alternative to the prize where delivery to the winner's location is impractical or prohibitively expensive

21. Winner’s first name, last initial, and workplace name will be publicly shared on the challenge prizes page


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