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Get more people riding bikes this winter

Do you want to get your friends, family, and co-workers involved in Winter Wheelers? Invite people to join now by clicking the buttons below. 

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If you want to step it up, download the Promo Pack which is full of short messages, emails, social media posts, and more. They’re ready to go, you just need to copy and paste! Keep scrolling to preview some of the great images you'll find inside.


A sneak peek at what's inside...

For Instagram

A square image with 'Love to Ride Winter Wheelers' at the top and a photo of a biker on a hill beneath a starlit sky, looking over a city of lights.
A square image with 'Love to Ride Winter Wheelers' at the top. Below is an illustrated December calendar with images for each day which represent the prizes being drawn that day. Underneath it says 'prizes every day 1-25 December'
At the top is the text 'FROST BIKE' in blue. Underneath, an illustrated blue shopper bike with a basket. There are snowflakes around the bike on either side.

For Facebook/Twitter

On the left a smiling man wearing a yellow high-vis jacket and matching helmet smiles and poses with a bike next to some water. On the right is the text 'Winter Wheelers' in dark blue with a bright blue background. Between the two sides are three icons displayed vertically - firstly a lightening cloud, next a snowflake, and finally a rain cloud.
The text says 'Sleigh ride' but the word 'Sleigh' is crossed out and above it says 'BIKE' instead. Below an illustrated red road bike is shown on a white hill.


Bright blue poster with 'Wrap up and ride' at the top in capitals. Below, there is a red banner with 'keep riding with Winter Wheelers' written inside, and below this it says 1-25 December 2021'. Below is a photo of a woman on a bike in green surroundings and in small circles around the edges there are other photos of happy riders in winter conditions. At the bottom it says 'Everyone can take part. It's not about how far you ride. Win prizes every day. Register at'

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