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Close up of a mountain bike at the top of a trail that heads down into a forest

Riding a bike affords a spectacularly unique opportunity to exist out in the world. It preserves the human scale while simultaneously expanding it outward. For those so inclined, you can cross continents, scale mountain ranges, and explore the fibers of our greatest cities.

If those thoughts stir a bit of wanderlust in you, consider the following as ways to take your love of the outdoors to the next level:

1. Touring - Touring is sort of like the beautiful merger of a bicycle and a motorhome. By carrying everything you need on your bike (usually through racks and bags attached to your bike), you can travel anywhere your heart desires powered only by your own two legs (and some delicious local meals). Learn more about bike touring here.

A woman and a child pictured from behind as they cycle down a road on bikes with 2 red panniers each

2. Supported Rides - If you think touring sounds great, except for that nonsense about carrying your own stuff, then you’ll want to explore supported rides. Often organised in groups to make the most of a support vehicle, these rides allow you to move from destination to the next while someone else deals with your stuff. Of course you have to pay for that luxury, but that’s an option!

3. Mountain biking - Not every outdoors jaunt has to end somewhere distant. Mountain biking mixes outdoor adventure with varying levels of adrenaline (choose the right trails for your desired experience!), creating something that feels a bit like meditation and a bit like being a human mountain goat.

A woman mountain biking up a steep trail in a thick, green forest

4. Bikepacking - Of course you’ve guessed by now that someone decided they love mountain biking and touring and so they should combine the two. Well, they did - it’s called bikepacking, and involves loading a mountain bike with your gear and getting out into the woods for some proper escapism. It’s a bit less common than the other three, but that may not last long!

View looking out from a tent into a forest with a bright green bike standing in view with a handlebar bag on it

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