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Spend Time with Family

Family riding bikes together along a path on a sunny day.

Riding a bike can be a solo activity, but it can also be a spectacular way to spend time with family. Whether it’s a baby seat on the back of your bike, a child trailer, or the whole family cruising on their own bikes, biking can bring families together. 

Thanks to fantastic innovations in bike accessories and bikes for kids, there’s no need to stop riding when you have children. In fact, riding is about to get a lot more fun!

There are numerous benefits to riding with kids, from health and fitness to saving money. Let’s take a look at some of the big wins when we take children along for the ride.

Health and Fitness

Riding a bike is an excellent way for you and your family to stay healthy. Not only does biking build cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, but it also aids our mental wellbeing. 

When we ride, our body releases endorphins (the happy hormones) that make us feel great! This boost in positivity can help reduce anxiety and depression and improve our overall brain function. In fact, teachers report that children who ride or walk to school are more alert and ready to learn when they arrive in class. 

Man and two boys in a forest setting.


Showing your children how to ride, and riding with them, is a great way to build strong bonds. When you teach a child to ride, they trust you to teach them safely. And when they eventually master their new skill, their positive connection to you is reinforced.  

Sometimes it can be tricky to fit family time into our schedules, but riding bikes together can help. Riding as a family can turn what could have been a boring car journey into an exciting family adventure and a great bonding experience! 

Save Time

Many people state a lack of time as a barrier to riding more, but biking could help you save time. Many short journeys completed by car could be done by bike instead, without the need to find a parking space, stop for fuel or sit in traffic. Plus, by riding more as a family, you will have:

✅  Enjoyed time with the kids

✅  Got some great exercise

✅  Reduced your overall journey time


Save Money

Biking is a fantastic, fun, and free activity! Whether you’re heading to the store or going on a fun ride around the park, choosing to ride instead of drive offers great savings. You will save on fuel, car maintenance, and parking.


Protect the Planet

When we ride instead of drive, we save CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and that’s great news for our kids! People who ride also inhale less pollution from traffic than car drivers.

A group of adults and kids with mountain bikes cheering in a forest.

Have Fun for Years to Come

Riding with family provides everyone with fun physical activity and time outdoors. Studies have also shown that if your children see you exercising regularly, they will want to follow your example later in life. That means you’ll be healthier, happier, spending time together, and preparing your kids to have happier and healthier lives as adults as well. 


If you love bike riding, chances are that your kids will too. And what’s not to love? The more you ride, the fitter and healthier you’ll become and you’ll be making our planet a cleaner and greener place to live. Happy riding to you and your crew! 

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