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I Don’t Have Time

Yeah, this one is tough. Time is one of those things you can’t make more of (sometimes you can free some up, but it always means not doing something else). 

Two things come to mind though:

1. You never regret you rode your bike. Wish you had more time to exercise? Ride a bike. Wish you spent more time with your family? Go ride bikes. Need a break from work/stress? Ride a bike. See the pattern here? Sometimes the best way to get yourself on a bike is to remember that riding a bike is so many different things at once, that time on a bike is never wasted.

2. Make riding easy. If riding is a pain in the butt then you won’t ride - it’s pretty simple. If you make riding easy though, if you put your bike where you see it every day, put it on your calendar, or pick somewhere convenient that you can ride to regularly (“I’ll ride to the gym every time I go!”, or “If I want to treat myself to coffee then I have to ride to the coffee shop”), then you’ll ride more often. Make it so that it’s easier to ride than not to, and you won’t have to make time to ride anymore!

Trust us, you won’t regret spending a few minutes on your bike!

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