Team up for the Bike Month Challenge!

Throughout May, riders everywhere are joining forces and creating Teams to ride more, encourage new riders, climb leaderboards and win amazing prizes.

Your Team can be formed of your friends, family, co-workers, riding club, dance class, book group - you name it! Teams can consist of up to ten people and you can ride anywhere, any time in May.

Here’s all the important information:

🎳 Teams are limited to a max of ten riders

🧑‍✈️ The rider who creates the Team is designated as ‘Captain’

🏊 Teams will compete in pools of 10 - the pools will be randomly selected

🏅 During the challenge, you’ll rack up points to climb your pool’s leaderboard

🚲 Every mile and day you ride and every person you encourage earns you points

🎁 The more points you have, the more prize entries you gain 

⭐️ New riders* on your Team? Great! They earn double day and distance points 

Here’s how the points system works:

A dark navy asset that describes the points system for the Bike Month Challenge.

*A 'new rider' is someone who doesn't ride at all (yet), or less than once a month when they sign up to Love to Ride.

What happens if you’re the Team Captain?

Apart from being a completely excellent human, as Team Captain, you are responsible for rallying your riders and cheering them on. By creating a Team, you are automatically the Team Captain.


Team Captains can access lots of helpful tips, tricks, and advice to get their Team excited in the Promo Pack. Click below to get you and your riders pumped about the Bike Month Challenge.


Why are there ‘pools’?

Mini leaderboards (aka pools) of 10 teams give every team a real chance of getting a podium finish, thus helping to drive competition and motivation throughout the month.

Why 10 people max per team?

For the Bike Month Challenge, we’ve limited teams to 10 riders. This helps create a level playing field on the leaderboards. A massive team of 100+ people would accrue a lot more points than a team of 10. Also, smaller groups = more accountability, and getting people biking in small teams of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers is an ideal opportunity to build confidence and community. 

How can my Club/Group or workplace take part if we have more than 10 members?

If you belong to a riding club or workplace with more than 10 people, you can create multiple teams. You can ignite some friendly competition among the teams or go for gold and each try to achieve a podium position in your pools’ leaderboards.

Check out the FAQs for more answers

Pick the perfect team name

Stuck on what to name your team? Try our random name generator!

Team Name Generator

The Bike Month Challenge isn’t about how far you ride; it’s about having a fantastic time and helping others to discover the joys of riding. 

Are you ready to ride? Go, team!

The Bike Month Challenge 2022

1st May - 31st May 2022

Ends in 4 days!

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Wokingham Registrations 2022

  • 371 People

The Bike Month Challenge 2022

  • 56 Workplaces
  • 312 Riders
  • 22 New riders
  • 42,628 Miles
  • 3,292 Trips
  • 5,044 lb CO2

The Bike Month Challenge 2022 Registrations

  • 20,913 People

Wokingham All time stats

  • 133 Workplaces
  • 2,048 People
  • 437 New riders
  • 1,719,243 Miles
  • 139,625 Rides
  • 250,417 lb CO2

UK All time stats

  • 12,647 Workplaces
  • 183,642 People
  • 37,095 New riders
  • 209,693,620 Miles
  • 14,623,424 Rides
  • 24,265,599 lb CO2
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