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Make a Splash this November!

Washington Bikes invites seasoned pedalers, new bike riders, and cyclists from all over our state to bike as much as possible for any reason during November 1-30. The idea of the Ride in the Rain Challenge is to turn a common barrier to biking — inclement weather — on its head and celebrate biking during the rainiest month of the year. We're confident that if you can ride during the rainiest month and enjoy it, you’ll see how possible it is to bike all year round!


Ride in the Rain 2019

November 1st - 30th

Ends in 19 days!

Ride in the Rain 2019

  • 2,983 Participants
  • 57 New riders
  • 200,964 Miles
  • 18,952 Trips
  • 62,847 lbs CO2

Ride in the Rain 2019 Registrations

  • 336 Teams
  • 3,883 People

Washington All time stats

  • 661 Organizations
  • 26,458 People
  • 5,945 New riders
  • 17,843,214 Miles
  • 1,625,991 Rides
  • 4,780,548 lbs CO2


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