Are you a team captain this year? To help you put together a winning strategy for the 2018 Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge, we’ve assembled a simple toolkit including a sample timeline and inspirational ideas.

Suggested to-do list:

  • Register for the 2018 Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge and form your team starting Sunday, April 1st. Use the email templates below to recruit teammates and newbies.
  • Spread the word! Download Bike Everywhere Challenge graphics, brochures, and posters here and promote Bike Everywhere Month at your workplace, on your website or in your neighborhood.
  • Inspire your team and your community to ride using our DIY event toolkit.

Sample timeline

This sample timeline will help you organize and inspire your team. You can find other bike events here.

April and the months before
  • Get on your bike and into the swing of things with your friends at the Cascade Bicycle Club on a free Group Ride or one of their upcoming Major Rides.
  • Encourage your business to promote the Bike Everywhere Challenge using Cascade’s workplace toolkit.
  • Recruit new captains and recruit teammates using the email templates below.
  • Plan a few fun Bike Everywhere Month activities at your workplace or in your community. See our DIY event toolkit for simple, fun ideas!
  • Register for the Bike Everywhere Challenge starting April 1.
  • Ride your bike to work, school, the grocery store, or wherever your day takes you. Go anywhere by bike!
  • Join us or our friends at Cascade for fun events. Look here to see upcoming events!
  • Check in with infrequent riders. What’s holding them back from riding more?
  • Stage a special event at your workplace. Find simple fun event ideas here.
  • Reward and recognize your teammates for a job well done in the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge. Host a fun awards ceremony for your teammates, and ask our friends at Cascade for a participation certificate.
  • Keep riding around town! Challenge yourself and sign up for one of Cascade’s Major Ride events or join a free group ride any day of the year.
  • Join us in our mission to Improve lives through bicycling!

Inspiration ideas

There are innumerable ways that you can build momentum for biking to work, among your team, your workplace and your community. Below are our favorite suggestions gleaned from outstanding team captains of yore:

Inspire your team
  • Ask team members to set goals for themselves and set a goal for your team.
  • Submit your team photo to or share on social media. Tag @wabikes and #WABikeEverywhere.
  • Host ride theme days (e.g. Lycra, business suits, super hero, etc).
  • Have a team feed: breakfast, lunch, or happy hour!
  • Make sure new commuters have someone to ride with most days, but especially at the beginning of the month.
  • Make sure to ride with each of your team members!
  • Highs and Lows: ask your team to share their riding highs and lows of the day/week/month.
  • Challenge another team at your company or in your neighborhood.
Inspire others
  • Recruit and mentor new team captains.
  • Ask your business to promote the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge.
  • Get your CEO or local celebrity to participate.
  • Share your success stories via our blog. Submit your stories to

Recruit new captains and encourage business support

Feel free to use the following templates to promote the Bike Month Challenge via email, online or newsletters.

Dear ________,
November is near and I am captaining a team for the Washington Bike Everywhere Challenge. I’d like to encourage you to join the all-star cast of team captains.
As a team captain, you can significantly increase bicycle commuting at _________ (their worksite). Captains recruited over 2,400 brand new bike commuters last year. Think about how valuable bicycling is to you, and multiply that by 2,400…that’s a lot of positive return for a modest investment of time on your behalf!
To start a team, you simply sign up online, recruit three to nine more coworkers to join you and encourage everyone to ride as much as possible throughout May. In fact, the hardest part may be coming up with a team name. (My team is ________________________.)
Washington Bikes offers great support for captains, including events thrown by Washington Bikes or their friends at Cascade Bicycle Club, a comprehensive toolkit, and prizes just for captains.
The challenge starts Wednesday, November 1 – start your team today!
Captain ________(your name)
________(team name)
________(business name)

Dear __________ (title)
I would like to encourage ___________________(business) to participate in the Washington Bike Everywhere Challenge. Bicycle commuting makes great business sense: Bike commuters are healthier and more productive employees, bicycle parking is a fraction of the cost and space of car parking and bike commuting is especially valuable to me as an employee because _____________________.
The Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge is a simple turn-key program that has significantly increased bicycle commuting among both new and experienced riders. Last year, 22 percent of participants were brand new commuters. That’s an impressive result.
What’s more, it’s very simple for businesses to participate. Team captains like me recruit and encourage riders. The riders track their own trips online.
At the very least, I’d like to ask you to promote the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge to all staff. Please check out the Washington Bikes website for information and resources.
Captain ________(your name)
________(team name)
________(business name)
________ Department

Thanks to our sponsors

Donate to Washington Bikes to keep our statewide bike challenges rolling. Together we can grow bicycling throughout Washington!

Event status

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Bike Everywhere Challenge

  • 9,642 Participants
  • 1,580 New riders
  • 1,775,028 Miles
  • 179,924 Trips

Washington All time stats

  • 438 Organizations
  • 19,710 People
  • 4,525 New riders
  • 7,850,495 Miles
  • 775,294 Rides
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