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Ride this October to win a $4,000 holiday of your choice and more!

Whether you’re a regular rider or it’s been a while, Biketober is for you.

Biketober is a fun, free, and friendly challenge. Ride anywhere, any time during October to join in. Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to share the joy of riding a bike and reap the many benefits!


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How to take part

How to win prizes

How to compete as a workplace

How to take part

Logging your rides with Love to Ride is simple and can be done in three ways:

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1. Automatically: using the Love to Ride app. 

Find out more.


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2. Sync an app: connect with Strava or Map My Ride


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3. Manually: on the web or the Love to Ride app 


There is a 72-hour grace period after the challenge to log any final rides from October, so be sure to log all your rides by 3 November at 11:59 p.m.

How to win prizes

Earn points every time you log a ride or encourage someone else to join*. Even a quick ride around the park or to the store will earn you points. 

The more points you earn, the greater your chances of winning a prize. Who knows? That one ride could win you $4,000 or one of our other incredible prizes.


A graphic showing how many points are available during Cycle September


*Find out more about encouraging here.

How to compete with a workplace

Biketober is also a workplace challenge! This means that you and your co-workers can ride together to compete against other workplaces of a similar size in your area or across the country.

Your points earned by riding and encouraging others will contribute to your workplace’s total. The workplaces with the most points will come out on top!

Join my workplace

Example leaderboard

An example leaderboard displaying various workplaces and their challenge points in ascending order

No Workplace? No Problem!

You can still take part in Biketober if you don’t work or are retired and will be eligible for the prizes. Or if you’re studying, simply join or register your university or school profile to compete on the workplace leaderboards. 

Spread the word with the Promo Pack

Preview of the Biketober Promo Materials

Access the full Promo Pack

or download the elements you need from below

Social media previews

Social Media Posts and Images

Grab an image and a pre-written post (like the one below) from the folder linked below to make it super easy to spread the word on social media.

⬇ Access more pre-written posts

⬇ Download images to share

A4 Cycle September Poster

A4 Poster

Print it out to hang in the office or share it in an email to help spread the word!

⬇ Download the PDF

Preview of the Cycle September flyer


For when you want to share a bit more about Biketober! Print out this double-sided flyer and hand them out on your next group bike ride or staff meeting.

⬇ Download the PDF


Preview of the Cycle September fact sheets

Fact Sheets

Our handy factsheet PDF is easy to attach to an email to give everyone all the info they need.

⬇ Download the factsheet

Preview of the Cycle September email banner

Email Signature Image

Set it and forget it! Now everyone you email will know that the Biketober is coming.

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