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As the name suggests, we are a weekend cycling group made up of friends and acquaintances. Group commutes and beer rides are becoming a thing!

Our Goal: No Goal Set Yet!

Top Riders (Most km)

Top Riders (Most Rides)

Top Riders (Most Days Ridden)

Top Commuters (Most Days Riding to Work)

Top Commuters (Most km Riding to Work)

Club / Group Members

Name Trips Kilometres
Jay Teo 236 4,151
Johnny Leong 231 10,187
Maurice Herrmann 217 10,163
Avitus Shim 204 6,588
Steven Tan 203 8,867
David Yat 131 6,286
Garth Bradshaw 131 2,498
Jane Yang 127 4,927
Edward Ting 122 5,454
Allen Liew 114 4,608

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