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What is Love to Ride?

Love to Ride is the online platform that gets more of your co-workers enjoying the benefits of riding. Our year round programme of events is designed to get more people cycling and is based on a proven model that has engaged over 410,000 people, with significant long-term increases in cycling participation. 

Our success would not be possible without Champions such as yourselves who help us to spread the word and encourage as many colleagues as possible to join them.

Your company will have access to our ready-made global cycling promotions. A new promotion runs every quarter, and they’re a great way of achieving positive change in the workplace. 

We support and encourage your co-workers to overcome any barriers they face to taking up riding, riding more often, and riding to work.

What can people do on Love to Ride?

There is a lot that you and your co-workers can do on Love to Ride, including:

  • Year-round platform 
  • Take part in our campaigns and bike challenges
  • Track your personal and company stats (miles, rides, CO2, calories, etc)
  • Set goals
  • Earn badges
  • Win prizes
  • Log rides (manually or by using an app)
  • Message co-workers
  • Read stories / share their stories
  • Post photos
  • View leaderboards (e.g. top commuters, top new riders, top encouragers, etc)
  • Read tips and advice
  • And more! 

What is my company getting? 

Profile Pages and Stats for your company/offices/departments - people can join their office and department. You can see total riding stats for each office/department, and get access to company-wide message boards, photo galleries, and leaderboards.

Campaigns and Challenges - depending your plan and what you’ve bought into, you and your colleagues will get access to a series of campaigns that aim to encourage more of your co-workers to ride, more often, and for transportation.  These are fun, friendly and easy to run.

Promo Packs - we’ll provide you with a promo pack specific to each campaign ahead of time so you can spread the word. To make this easier, we’ll include draft text for emails/newsletters to your coworkers, posters, memes, etc.  You can also find a generic Promo Pack on this page.

Dedicated support - You can always get in touch with us to ask any questions by emailing

Get promotion ideas

Checkout these ideas for promoting Love to Ride

Please note that for each campaign and challenge that we run (typically 4 per year) we’ll send you a specific promo pack for that challenge.

Ride It Out

1st March - 31st March 2021

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Love to Ride UK all time stats

  • 18,734 Workplaces
  • 266,404 People
  • 53,776 New riders
  • 266,891,509 Miles
  • 18,264,667 Rides
  • 35,524,828 lbs CO2
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