Bike Breakfast

Tips for putting on a Bike Breakfast

A Bike Breakfast is a great way to reward your colleagues for riding to work and helps to foster a cycling community in the workplace. You don't have to do anything extravagant and for a small sum from petty cash, your employer can incentivise sustainable transport choices that boost productivity and reduce sick leave. Ideally, Bike Breakfasts should be a regular fixture at every workplace - but if you're limited to only holding a few, then why not time them to coincide with our year-round programme of events? That way you and your colleagues will be eligible for prizes too!

Top tip: keep it simple! Tea, coffee, fruit, pastries and yoghurt are easy to transport and serve. Plus you can easily get breakfast for ten into your panniers!

  • Get management buy-in if possible - the organisation will benefit from more people riding to work, so management should support your event. If they can pick up the tab and agree to a slightly delayed start for everyone who rides in, then you can enjoy breakfast and a chat - this is a great opportunity for bicycle users to network (if there isn't already a bicycle user group or BUG at your workplace, this could be the start of one!)
  • Set a time, book a space and advertise your Bike Breakfast well (email your colleagues and put up posters in communal areas)
  • Try to prepare as much as possible the day before - have any crockery, cutlery and napkins ready and decorate the area a little if possible: the idea is to welcome and reward people who have made it in by bike!
  • If you or someone in the office is a maestro in the kitchen, this is a great opportunity to show off your talents. Shop-bought pastries are delicious but if you have home-made breakfast goodies it will make your Bike Breakfast that bit more special...
  • Keep a record of who attended so you can contact them about cycling-related issues at work and demonstrate the value of the event. Take a photo of your Bike Breakfast and share it on Love to Ride and via Twitter and Facebook - use the hashtag #ridetowork (hint: Bike Breakfast photos may attract unadvertised spot prizes...)
  • Clear up after yourselves - management, and more importantly the cleaners, won't be very happy if you leave a mess!
  • Enjoy a productive day with a full belly and a deserved sense of smugness that you've already had some exercise, socialised with colleagues and helped save the planet!

Top tip: too far to the shop or too busy to run a DIY bike breakfast? Buy a Boxed Bike Breakfast for £50 from VitaLife Health! (Approx. 20 servings, leave two weeks for delivery)

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