Prize Winners

Sydney Rides Challenge Winners 2017

Final Prize Winners

Totem Swift valued at $399: Jeremy Hopson

Totem Cross Disc Step Thru valued at $499: Van Tan

Totem Swift Step Thru valued at $399: Mana Ittimani

Totem Cross Disc valued at $499: Sergio Gonzalez Camacho

$50 voucher from Cell Bikes: Brandan Titley and Michael Swaab

2 tickets for Bridge Climb: Sarah Luff

$250 gift card from Betta: JoJo Inge, Sean Hardy, Alanna Rados and Stephen Walgers

Wingman Messenger valued at $219: Lawrence Kimberley and Kristyna Kralova

1 20L Sport Backpack valued at $159: Angus Collingwood Boots

Balvenie Shave Experience: John Mc Neil, Ahmad Faizi, Shayne O'Gready, Peter Barfod, Niall O'Brien, Khiem Hong, James Martin, and Adam Mc Intosh

$100 Gift Cards from Deliveroo: Emily O Connor Cox and Gianluca Cuscuna

Corporate fruit box from Farm Fresh Grocer: Lucy Abbott, Ester Chen, Craig Johnston and Amanda Clark

2 tickets to Kinky Boots at Capitol Theatre: Karen Edwards

$1,000 voucher from 99 Bikes: Joel Courtney

Good Price Pharmacy Health & Wellness pack: Eric Nguyen, Zihe Lu and Jane Hudson

Monkey See Rider pack: Lisa Bailey

7 course meal for 2 at Pier One: Roger Stamford

Bike pump from Truck Centre: Paula Dendy, Annabella Do, Catherine Duan, Gary Anderson and Andrew Farley.

Bicycle NSW Memberships: James Hammermaster, Ron Warren, Michelle Farley, Cecile Johnston, Conrad Weber, Jon Ziveyi, Songzhe Fu, and Stephan Tillmann

Encourager Prizes

Dinner for 2 Voucher:

  • Alison Cheong
  • Jason Haworth
  • Matt Lally
  • Andrew Duffin
  • Sara Stace
  • Jean Baptiste Authelet
  • Bene Hernandez
  • Daniel Bourke
  • Wills Brassil
  • Charli Hoffmann

$250 Cash Prize:

  • Joe Dundovic
  • Cameron Hart

      $500 Hamper:

      Sam Leanage

      $1,000 Celebration:

      Emily Williams

      $1,500 Holiday:

      Jack Tonzing

      Team Winners

      Bicycle NSW Corporate Membership: Westpac, Hilton Sydney,, Maxwell Forest, SDA Structures and Liverpool Street

      Week 4 Winners

      The Rolling Fix Bike Services: Andrew Harvey and Bec Morton

      Week 3 Winners

      The Rolling Fix Bike Services:Simon Bloomfield, Maya Hristova

      Week 2 Winners

      The Rolling Fix Bike Services:Peter Dennis, Kate Skinner

      Henty 26L Sport Backpack valued at $189:Roberto Fernandez

      Week 1 Winners

      The Rolling Fix Bike Services: Kaspar Sollberger, Anna Lanyon

      Henty Wingman Backpack valued at $249: Ken Wang


      Sydney all time stats

      • 691 Organisations
      • 11,869 People
      • 3,504 New riders
      • 12,497,010 km
      • 548,081 Rides
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