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Do you want to get your friends, family, and co-workers involved in Winter Wheelers? You can invite people to join now through your profile!

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If you want to step it up, download the Promo Pack which is full of short messages, emails, social media posts, and more. They’re ready to go, you just need to copy and paste! Keep scrolling to preview some of the great images you'll find inside.

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Winter Wheelers 2022

1st - 25th December 2022

Ends in 21 days!

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Winter Wheelers 2022

  • 77 Workplaces
  • 297 Riders
  • 6 New riders
  • 6,820 Miles
  • 684 Trips
  • 943 lb CO2

Southampton All time stats

  • 258 Workplaces
  • 4,998 People
  • 994 New riders
  • 5,233,596 Miles
  • 451,192 Rides
  • 756,387 lb CO2
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