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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Matthew Pillinger Finance & Corporate Not Signed-up yet 1238 20,159
Andy Gardi Operations Not Signed-up yet 1012 8,451
Darren Thorp Operations Not Signed-up yet 800 12,390
Eddie Bulpitt CaTS Not Signed-up yet 766 4,562
Joe Harrison Data Office Not Signed-up yet 676 12,337
Andy Ryan Data Office Not Signed-up yet 501 11,936
Jacob Rainbow Operations Not Signed-up yet 475 6,588
Jonathan Crump Engineering Not Signed-up yet 445 3,008
James Hewitt Engineering Not Signed-up yet 352 2,418
Barry Goodall Engineering Not Signed-up yet 333 1,421

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Southampton All time stats

  • 226 Workplaces
  • 4,554 People
  • 896 New riders
  • 3,978,310 Miles
  • 343,628 Rides
  • 599,606 lbs CO2
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