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Are you ready for May is Bike Month? 

This May, you can contribute to the effort to make the Sacramento Region a better place to ride a bike, help combat climate change and, of course, have fun! 

Every time you enjoy a bike ride, log it on your Love to Ride profile. The Love to Ride app makes logging rides a breeze, and you contribute anonymous data to help planners make infrastructure better.

Anyone in the region can join the challenge, and even organizations can get involved and compete in a friendly competition between regional workplaces.

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Mode Shift O'Meter

Riders across the Sacramento Region have a new goal: ride half a million miles for transportation! Ride to work, the store, or even to meet a friend for coffee and log your rides to help reach our goal! Find out more here.

118,695 miles down, 381,305 to go!


May is Bike Month 2024

April 28th - May 31st 2024

Starts in 56 days!

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Sac Region All time stats

  • 493 Workplaces
  • 8,026 People
  • 1,603 New riders
  • 5,695,269 Miles
  • 352,644 Rides
  • 374,491 lb CO2
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