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May is Bike Month... #Roll2it!

This May is all about motivating each other to swap cars for handlebars and riding as a Team. Create your profile now to get involved!


Gather your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers to form a Team of up to 10 riders and ride your way to the top of the leaderboards. There’s fun to be had and loads of prizes to be won! 

Bike Month isn’t about riding the furthest or the most often, it’s about riding when you can to help make our world cleaner and our region greener. ❤️

Follow May is Bike Month on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. Happy riding!

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May is Bike Month

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 13 days!

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Sacramento Region Registrations 2022

  • 3,595 People

May is Bike Month
Sacramento Region

  • 257 Workplaces
  • 2,592 Riders
  • 292 New riders
  • 270,531 Miles
  • 19,866 Trips
  • 30,536 lb CO2

Sacramento Region All time stats

  • 357 Workplaces
  • 4,892 People
  • 869 New riders
  • 1,541,680 Miles
  • 98,602 Rides
  • 115,615 lb CO2
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