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The Bike More Challenge is our annual call to get on your bike and experience the many benefits of getting around by bicycle! For 20 years now, The Street Trust has been organizing this free, friendly competition to encourage people just like you to hop on a bike instead of into a car.

When you become a member with The Street Trust, your voice will be represented when we advocate for more funding, stronger policies, and better laws to protect cyclists and other vulnerable road users. You’ll also receive discounts at local businesses and bike shops. And when you join or renew your membership during the Bike More Challenge, you’ll also have a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

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Winter Wheelers 2019

  • 1,188 Participants
  • 51 New riders
  • 108,408 Miles
  • 11,400 Trips
  • 28,533 lbs CO2

Oregon All time stats

  • 1,605 Organizations
  • 39,448 People
  • 10,011 New riders
  • 19,958,554 Miles
  • 2,515,532 Rides
  • 6,630,175 lbs CO2
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