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Thanks for riding in the Biketober Business Challenge presented by Get Healthy at Work

We did it! Even more people and workplaces took part in 2020. 4,234 people from 568 organisations took part, including 763 new riders. Together riding an astonishing 946,323 kilometres. That's more than 23 times around the world! 

See the 2020 Biketober Business Challenge results here.

The Biketober Business Challenge is brought to you by Get Healthy at Work, a NSW Government program that aims to create healthy workplaces and improve the health of working adults in NSW.

The Love to Ride platform remains open for you to log rides, share stories, and high-five your friends and colleagues to keep riding in 2021.


NSW all time stats

  • 1,482 Workplaces
  • 22,107 People
  • 6,782 New riders
  • 32,958,926 km
  • 1,344,595 Rides
  • 877,878 kg CO2
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