Make sure everyone knows about the Biketober Business Challenge! Download the poster, flyer and/or the social media images to get the word out and use the text below send an email round to your colleagues or post about the Biketober Business Challenge on your intranet.

Email/Intranet copy:

Subject: Take part in the Biketober Business Challenge!

Dear all,

The Biketober Business Challenge is running from 1-31 October 2019 and we'd like to invite you to take part.

It's a fun and free challenge to see which workplace and departments can get the most staff to cycle. There are loads of prizes that you can win by riding and encouraging friends and coworkers.

If you haven't cycled for years, don't worry! You only have to ride a bike for 10 minutes for your participation to count towards our team's score. And you can ride anywhere, anytime during the Challenge.

If you already ride - you know how enjoyable riding is and how good it makes you feel. Here's your chance to get your workmates to experience how easy and enjoyable riding can be.

Get involved, it takes 2 minutes to register. Go to lovetoride.net/nsw, click 'Register' at the top of the page and join our team!

Give it a go and help us pedal our way to victory!

Register here: www.lovetoride.net/nsw.

Materials and Social Media Assets

Download the promo pack with copy and ideas for promoting Biketober Business Challenge at your workplace. Download all of the materials together here. 

Download asset for instagram

Download asset for Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn


Download the poster


Download the factsheet


Download the postcard

2019 Biketober Business Challenge

1st October - 31st October 2019

Ends in 16 days!


NSW Registrations 2019

  • 401 Organisations
  • 3,539 People

2019 Biketober Business Challenge

  • 332 Organisations
  • 2,538 Participants
  • 216 New riders
  • 352,650 Km
  • 16,180 Trips
  • 30,892 kg CO2

NSW all time stats

  • 1,085 Organisations
  • 16,676 People
  • 4,929 New riders
  • 21,365,235 km
  • 923,093 Rides
  • 1,462,347 kg CO2
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