How many colleagues can you get to cycle for 10 minutes in four weeks?

Are you ready?

Is your organisation/department ready for the start of the Challenge? Here's a checklist:

Are all departments registered?

Make sure all departments are registered and see if you can create some 'friendly' inter-department rivalry and get departments competing against each other. Can the finance team beat the HR team?

Are staff numbers correct?

The Challenge has different categories for staff size and so correct staff numbers are required for results to be accurate and fair. To correct a staff number, go to 'Settings' on your organisations page or contact us.

Do staff know when the Challenge starts and what they need to do?

All they have to do is cycle for at least 10 minutes for fun, exercise or to work during the Challenge period from 1-31 October, 2019.

Can you work out a 10 minute route near your workplace?

It’s easier to picture 10 minutes if you can suggest a route to your colleagues – have you got a park or lake nearby that would be suitable for new riders to go round? 

What bikes could you use?

Do you have any office pool bikes you could use or could you get the regular cyclists to help out and bring in a bike others could use?

Can additional prizes be provided?

In addition to the prizes on offer through the Challenge, can some company prizes be offered to help motivate staff? Perhaps a Friday social for everyone who takes part, a prize for the person who logs the most trips or the best learner rider?

Have your colleagues been recording their ride?

Don’t lose out on team prizes by a few forgotten trips!

Have you got all existing cyclists signed up?

It's all about participation so make sure anybody who already cycles is registered.


2020 Biketober Business Challenge

  • 571 Organisations
  • 4,251 Participants
  • 764 New riders
  • 948,149 Km
  • 44,156 Trips
  • 24,237 kg CO2

NSW all time stats

  • 1,481 Organisations
  • 21,993 People
  • 6,748 New riders
  • 31,117,774 km
  • 1,283,751 Rides
  • 864,483 kg CO2
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