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Get Healthy at Work presents the Biketober Business Challenge

The Biketober Business Challenge is here! Let's see which businesses and riders can encourage the most people to ride bikes for transport, health and fun.

Last year, 3,798 participants from 392 organisations took part, including 613 new riders. Together riding 932,900 kilometres. That's more than 23 cycles around the world! Let's try and beat those numbers in 2020!

The Biketober Business Challenge is brought to you by Get Healthy at Work, a NSW Government program that aims to create healthy workplaces and improve the health of working adults in NSW.    


Event status

Now complete!

2020 Biketober Business Challenge stats

  • 570 Organisations
  • 4,252 Participants
  • 765 New riders
  • 948,397 Km
  • 44,159 Trips
  • 24,225 kg CO2

NSW all time stats

  • 1,479 Organisations
  • 21,995 People
  • 6,750 New riders
  • 29,992,918 km
  • 1,247,548 Rides
  • 859,519 kg CO2


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