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Winter Wheelers Prizes

How can I win Prizes? 

  • Ride anytime, anywhere from 1-24 December to enter the daily prize draw. Log your ride by 3pm the following day to enter the draw (e.g. enjoy a ride on 1 December, log it by 3pm on 2 December).
  • Each day you ride from 1-24 December will also earn you an entry into the draw for a brand new e-bike announced on Christmas Day! 

Read on to find out what you can win and to claim your exclusive discounts.


Mondays aren’t all bad! Log a ride on a Monday and get entered to win a pair of commuter trousers from M1LE.

Animation of images of M1LE commuter trousers with the M1LE logo

M1LE is a performance-wear brand designed for the every-day urban commuter. Their trousers are designed to be adaptable for whatever situation you find yourself in. Made in technical fabrics, the commuter trousers are built for style, comfort, and active living. Perfect for riding to work!

For 10% off at M1LE, just head to their website and sign up to the newsletter via the pop-up (it appears after 20 seconds or once you've scrolled to the bottom of the page).


Head out on a Tuesday ride and get yourself into the prize draw for a pair of the world’s friendliest gloves from Loffi.

Animation switching between images of Loffi smiling cycling gloves with the Loffi logo.

Loffi's high-quality cycling gloves make the road a happier place for everyone. Their gloves are simple tools for positive social interaction between cyclists and motorists. Loffi’s gloves feature bright, grippy silicone and performance cushioning for comfort, and are made in waterproof and durable fabrics. 

We're excited to be offering Loffi's smiling gloves to Winter Wheelers prize winners, and to be offering a discount to all participants! 

For 20% off Loffi Adult gloves use the code: adult20


 Wheeling out on a Wednesday will get you into the draw for a Bike Cave - a home for your bike!

Two bike caves - arch-shaped green tents with bikes inside.

The Bike Cave is a convenient and cost-effective bike storage solution for your back garden or front yard. They’re big enough to house 2-3 bikes, shield them from the elements, keep them secure thanks to a security bracket, and make your bikes easy to get to. No more hiding at the back of the shed or blocking your hallway.

For 10% off Bike Cave use the code: BIKECAVE10 (expires 01.01.2022)


Go for a spin on a Thursday for a chance to win a Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket. 

A Proviz cycling jacket. On the left in daylight, on the right the image shows the reflectiveness of the jacket at night and there are animated lines around the edge.

Don’t be left in the dark with Proviz’s award-winning and highly reflective bike wear. Waterproof, reflective, comfortable, and with built in air vents, this jacket is the perfect companion for anybody who finds themselves riding after dark. 

For 20% off at Proviz use the code: lovetoride20 (expires 01.01.22)


Get that Friday feeling - head out for a ride and earn yourself a chance to win a Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Gilet!

Animation switching between images of the Proviz reflective gilet. Images include two cyclists wearing the jacket, one in daylight and the other at night. The other images show the gilet from the front and back.

This functional, comfortable gilet is designed to help you stand out at night on the roads. You’ll be seen in the dark thanks to the millions of reflective beads that reflect light back to the light source. It is windproof and has a perforated back vent, making it the ideal companion for those winter rides!

For 20% off at Proviz use the code: lovetoride20 (expires 01.01.22)


Weekends were made for riding! Log a ride over the weekend and get entered to win a pro subscription to Huli.

Animation scrolling between different screens of the Huli app, with the Huli logo displayed.

Huli is on a mission to get the world cycling. One of the biggest barriers to getting more people on their bike is finding great routes that are suitable for their ability. That’s why they created an app that automatically creates the safest, most scenic and quietest cycling routes for you, saving you planning time and ensuring that wherever you are, you will ride the best route for you. Simply tell Huli what you want - such as a 1 hour off-road route, and they’ll create it in seconds, so that you can spend more time riding your bike. 

All riders can access a 1-month free Huli Pro subscription. To get the free 1-month subscription, simply download the app for iOS or Android and let Huli create your next great route.


Three different e-bikes on a slope with the text 'win an e-bike of your choice' underneath.

On 25 December, one rider will be randomly selected to win a brand new e-bike of their choice, up to the value of £1,500! Each day you ride during Winter Wheelers will earn you one entry into this draw. So the more days you get out on your bike, the higher your chances of winning are. Remember, even a 10-minute spin counts!


Gift card design which says 'Love to Ride. £300 local bike shop gift card'

Log rides during Winter Wheelers and earn yourself entries into the prize draw on 24 December. Each day you ride between 1-24 December will get you one entry into the draw for this local bike shop gift card. Upgrade your ride, treat yourself to some new bike bags, lights, a helmet… or whatever you want!

NB: Only Individuals taking part in a Local Authority partnered area or as part of a Love to Ride for Business programme will enter the draws for daily Winter Wheelers prizes. All riders will get a chance to win the Christmas Eve prize and will get access to exclusive discounts.


Support the work of World Bicycle Relief!

Image of World Bike Relief statue and photo book with logo.

World Bicycle Relief mobilises people through The Power of Bicycles. They help individuals and communities conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. Each day you ride between 1-24 December will get you one entry into the draw for this World Bicycle Relief Prize. It includes a handmade sculpture by Charles Mwanjeleka, a self-made Zambian artist, and a beautiful photo book entitled Cycling Through A Pandemic. 

This winter, World Bicycle Relief launched their Mobilize Me campaign, which supports communities in rural Africa where distance is a barrier to essential services. By donating to their campaign, you can help WBR to provide much-needed bikes to those who need them. 

Donate here:

A big thanks to our prize sponsors!

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