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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Derrick Nolan Not Signed-up yet 200 8,914
Wayne Walsh Highways and Transport Not Signed-up yet 197 1,386
Lorna Quinn Not Signed-up yet 144 1,028
John Cooper Adult Social Care Not Signed-up yet 135 406
Kevin Lister Highways and Transport Not Signed-up yet 121 2,923
Kate Warren White Schools Not Signed-up yet 102 1,656
Richard Lane Highways and Transport Not Signed-up yet 97 373
Helen Fairhurst Not Signed-up yet 88 626
Annmarie Rigby Business Support Not Signed-up yet 87 1,114
James Galliford Not Signed-up yet 67 1,618

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Lancashire All time stats

  • 363 Workplaces
  • 8,023 People
  • 2,702 New riders
  • 6,140,807 Miles
  • 387,892 Rides
  • 812,495 lbs CO2
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