Tips for Buying a Bike

Avoid buying your first bike online - visit a local bike shop - they'll be able to give you personalized advice on what you actually need and help you find the best fitting bike

Get the right bike for the ride – While on the whole most bikes are pretty versatile, a mountain bike may not be the best bike for your commute, and a road bike may not suit your rides to the grocery store. Explore your options and be honest about what you want to do with your bike and what's most important. There are lots of bike choices, and one of them will be the best for you!

Get the right size - The size of the frame is important. A bike shop will be able to advise the best fit.

Negotiate some free services - most bike shops are happier to give you free bike services rather than a discount on the bike. This will be more beneficial in the long run as it's important to keep your bike in good shape (it makes it easier and smoother to ride!).

Set your budget - If cycling regularly, it's always worth investing in a good bike that is light, reliable, and durable. You can get cheap bikes, but you get what you pay for...

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