The 23 Million Mile Challenge

The world's greatest riders will get together in Glasgow and across Scotland to compete at the highest level, make history and show the power of the bike.

The UCI has teamed up with Love to Ride on this exciting 23 Million Mile Challenge. Running from Apr 25th - Aug 13th 2023. Log a trip, sign up your friends, and contribute to one of two 23 Million Mile community goals either for the UK or the rest of the world!

Position Country km
1 USA 25,331,348
2 England 17,292,254
3 New Zealand 5,078,234
4 Australia 3,599,889
5 Scotland 2,851,272
6 Nederland 948,757
7 Italia 591,409
8 Wales 91,163
9 Northern Ireland 24,201

This leaderboard shows an assortment of Love to Ride sites from around the world. We're working hard to get the whole world riding, but until then you can see how the countries we're active in stack up.

Dati generali Italia

  • 994 Workplaces
  • 13,050 Persone
  • 1,628 Nuovi ciclisti
  • 19,110,445 Km
  • 775,739 Pedalate
  • 491,847 kg CO2