Parking & Security

Parking & Security

The following information has been provided by Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Secure Cycle Parking at GOSH:

Sadly bicycle crime is abundant near GOSH, so we highly recommend ALWAYS securing your bicycle within our secure facilities, and not on the streets outside.

Despite our facilities being secure, we recommend you secure your bicycle’s frame to its parking bay using a D lock

There is secure parking for 259 bicycles at GOSH

93 spaces on Level 1 of the VCB Building, accessed from Powis Place, Great Ormond Street VIDEO

23 spaces on Level 1 of PICB Delivery, accessed from Guilford St, near Santander Cycles parking bays VIDEO

88 ‘Overflow’ spaces on Level 1 of the MSCB Building, accessed from either of the above locations VIDEOS

30 spaces outside Barclay House (next to the Italian Hospital Sight & Sound Centre) padlock code 8473 VIDEO

52 spaces behind the Zayed Centre for Research at the end of Millman Mews VIDEO

VIDEO hyperlinks 

These videos are available only through GOSH devices through the GOSHweb 'Parking & Security' page in Safe, Active & Sustainable Travel


VCB to Level 0 Changing rooms

VCB to MSCB Overflow parking

PICB Delivery

PICB Delivery to Level 0 Changing rooms

PICB Delivery to MSCB Overflow parking


ZCR Changing Rooms

Barclay House

Level 0 Changing Rooms from GOSH main entrance

Note, if your ID card does not give you access to any of the doorways e.g. The doorway from MSCB Level 1 down to Level 0 , contact who manages the security access permissions for staff

Bike Register

Despite your best vigilance, thieves operate in London with high powered angle grinders which can cut through almost any lock in a short amount of time. 

If your bike is registered on Bike Register, then it will be less attractive to thieves as it will be harder to sell on.

Register your bike free of charge as instructed here:

Equally, if you are buying a second hand bike, be sure to check its details on the bikeregister portal to make sure it has not been stolen. 

Parking & Security

When cycling to the café/ shops/ gym/ swimming pool/ sports pitches

When you secure your bicycle to an on-street parking space, we recommend the two options below, based upon how long you plan to leave your bike there (the less time, the better).

Short stay (less than 15 minutes)

Wire cable to stop front wheel being taken

D – Lock around wire cable end(s), rear-wheel, vertical frame section and bike stand


Longer stay (less than 2 hours)

D – Lock to secure front wheel to frame

D – Lock to secure rear wheel, and vertical frame section to bike stand



We recommend insuring your bicycle, especially if you have bought a new one!

Most home insurance contents policies will be able to insure your bicycle, however look into the details of the cover. Some insurance products have very specific descriptions of the conditions required for them to pay out (e.g. The Sold Secure rating of the lock you used, the item you locked your bike onto).

This website provides more detailed advice & options:

Reporting a stolen bicycle

If you have your bike stolen, please report it to the local police force using one of the methods in this link:

Also share information about your bike on:

Stolen Bikes UK 

and then search for it on Find that bike  and BikeShd

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