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Safe Cycle Route Planning & Navigation





City Cyclist

Slick app

Directs you to safest routes

Only available on Apple devices


Slick app

Directs you to safest routes

Bike Touring = Quietest

Road Ride = Fastest

Free access to one geographic area e.g. London only

Cycle Streets

Directs you to safest routes:

Quietest, Balanced & Fastest route options

App is rather tired and needs to be modernised


Easy to use

Does not direct you to safest routes

Looking at a map to plan a bicycle ride

Routes in London

Transport for London illustrates their programme’s existing cycling infrastructure routes

If you wish to share, or review other people’s feedback on a route, you can do that here:

London Boroughs have been building cycling infrastructure for years, so there are loads of safe, quiet routes near you:  Also check out

Looking at a map to plan a bicycle ride

National Cycle Network – Sustrans / Ordnance Survey information

Find your perfect route

We’ve made it easy for you to find National Cycle Network routes by region, distance and whether they’re traffic-free.

Find the perfect place to walk, cycle and enjoy the outdoors. 

Find a route on the National Cycle Network


Map of the National Cycle Network

If you’d like to see routes across the UK on an interactive map, head over to the Ordnance Survey website.

We’ve teamed up with them to help you plan your trip and navigate your way around the UK.

Open the National Cycle Network map


Route video guides

Some very helpful cyclists are recording and publishing videos of quiet routes around London

For example, here is the work of Jon Stone, a journalist who has made these well received videos and posted them on youtube:  

Fill that Hole!

If you are cycling along and you come across a horrible pot-hole there is something you can do to prevent it from remaining a hazard to other road users.

Download the ‘Fill That Hole’ app

Stop safely and ‘Report a Hazard’ 

Then get back on your journey, knowing that CyclingUK will contact the local authority and ask them to repair the hole.

You will be impressed to see how quickly the holes get repaired!


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