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Bikeability Cycle Training

Gloucestershire County Council is running 1 to 1 or small-group Bikeability Cycle Training. Bikeability equips cyclists with the skills, confidence and awareness to become confident road users and is for children and adults.

Bikeability has three levels:

Level 1- Controlling the bike in a traffic-free area.

Level 2- Making a journey on quieter roads with simple junctions.

Level 3- Making a journey on busier roads, riding through more complex junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights, and using multi-lanes.

For more information contact: roadsafety@gloucestershire.gov.uk.

Level 3 Bikeability Courses - Easter Holidays

The aim of Level 3 Bikeability courses is to give young people the confidence and skills to make independent journeys by bike. The small group sessions will be delivered by fully qualified and experienced instructors.

Dates: Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th April 2023 

Times: 10am-12pm or 12.45pm-2.45pm

Address: Archway School, Paganhill, Stroud, GL5 4AX

Sessions are for 11-16-year-olds, run for 2 hours and cost £5.

For a booking form and to enquire about availability please email: thinktravel@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Girl bikes along pathway

The Bike Month Challenge 2023

  • 56 Workplaces
  • 376 Riders
  • 42 New riders
  • 65,589 Miles
  • 4,459 Trips
  • 6,124 lb CO2

Gloucestershire All time stats

  • 122 Workplaces
  • 1,648 People
  • 379 New riders
  • 1,925,529 Miles
  • 116,590 Rides
  • 208,161 lb CO2
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