What is happening to the Ride app?

Starting on August 31, 2019, the company 'Ride Report' will no longer be supporting the Ride app. The app will be removed from the App Store and the Ride app server will be taken offline.  

Love to Ride users have been able to use the Ride app in the past to automatically track their riding. If this was you, you'll need to find another app to log your rides. 

What's next?  

Love to Ride is currently developing a 2.0 of our own Love to Ride which will allow you to track your rides automatically - just like the Ride app used to :)

This will launch in 2020.

Interested in helping us create the best app for bikers?

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In the meantime...

We've made some updates to the Love to Ride app. You can log your rides manually, either with GPS or entering the trip details. You could also use Strava to log your rides on Love to Ride.

There's lots of prizes that you can win by logging your rides and it's fun to see your stats grow after every ride!

Download the Love to Ride app here

FAQs on Ride app

Who build the Ride app?

Our friends over at 'Ride Report' built the app. 

Can I still use Ride after August 31?

While the app will continue to track your rides, some features, such as accounts and trophies, will stop working. In addition, the app will no longer receive updates or email support. The core ride-tracking functionality may not continue to function in the future, particularly as new versions of the iOS and Android software are released.  

What happens to my trip data?

All individual trip data collected by the Ride app will be destroyed. It will not be sold or shared with anyone. Aggregated and anonymized data may continue to be available to serve existing contracts with city agencies that Ride Report has.  

Can I download or export my data?

Yep! To export your data to GPX files, you'll need an iPhone running the latest version of Ride App, 2.1.3. Tap the Gear Icon on the lower right, then tap Export Data. Trip summary data can also be exported to the Health App on iOS.


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