Global Ride to Work Week Prizes

For Love to Ride Local and Love to Ride Business members. 

How to enter:

  • Ride all or part of the way to work 23-29 March
  • Log your ride as a trip to/from work
  • Trips logged by 2pm the following day will enter the daily prize draws

You can win:


Log a commute any day from 23-29 March to enter the draw to win a brand new bike. We have 7 bikes to give away!

We'll be giving away a £600 local bike shop voucher Monday to Saturday inclusive, except for Wednesday when we'll have a £600 voucher from our friends at Ribble. See below for the 7th bike prize, an £1,800 Ribble ALe!

One of 5 Beryl Laserlights

Two lucky early-birds will get a Laserlight drawn from everyone who has signed up for Ride to Work Week by the 1st and then the 16th of March, plus we're running giveaways for Valentine's Day (log a ride 14-22 February), International Women's Day (log a ride March 8) and on social media, so make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (links below).

A pair of gloves from Loffi  

The glove with a mission to make journeys happier for everyone! 

More prize details announced soon!

Win a Ribble e-bike! Share your #NoCarbon story

Increasingly Love to Ride members say that living sustainably is a key motivation to start riding or to ride more often. We want to reward and enable you to ditch your car for Ride to Work Week (and beyond), which is why we'll be giving away a Ribble ALe to one lucky winner who shares their No Car-bon story with us in March.

How to enter:

  • Replace a car trip with a bike ride and log it on our site in March
  • Share your story with us - how did it make you feel? What were your motivations for riding?
  • Use the hashtag #NoCarbon 

Photos and approximate carbon saving calculations are encouraged! The Ribble ALe is worth £1,800 and is an absolute beaut of an e-bike. Last year we gave one away on Clean Air Day and our winner said: 'WOW... I couldn't believe how effortlessly I climbed up the hill with it.'

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