Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge

From September 1st-30th, companies from across the country and around the world will compete in this global biking challenge where they compete to see which can rack up the most points.  

Sign up and discover all the benefits of bike riding - from healthier, happier, more productive staff, to lower CO2 emissions, to lower car parking costs. 

Take part in this fun and friendly competition that will get more of your colleagues enjoying the benefits of riding. 

Love to Ride’s biggest biking event of the year - Cycle September - is a massive global competition to see who can earn the most points by riding and encouraging others to ride too. People can ride anywhere, anytime in September and simply record their rides online (via an app or manually) to participate.

By registering your company for Cycle September 2019, your organization will get access to a range of features, including:

Industry Leaderboards 

  • You’ll compete in one of the 7 staff size categories, AND you’ll also be competing on the new industry leaderboards! Your competition can run but they cannot hide on these leaderboards, see exactly where you are versus your literal competition.  

Mano-a-Mano / Head-to-Head

  • Have an industry “frenemy”? Throw down the gauntlet with this new feature that allows any business to issue a challenge to another. Your stats will show next to each others on a special ‘Head-to-Head’ leaderboard so that you and your co-workers can see who is ahead for each key metric (miles ridden, number of staff participating, etc).

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Let’s Bike our Way Out of This Thing #LovetoRide4Climate

Just a 20% increase in cycling worldwide could cut carbon dioxide emissions from urban passenger transport by about 11% in 2050! That’s the kind of action we need to take. But action takes leadership and businesses are in a unique position to not only lead organizations but inspire entire communities. By signing up for Cycle September and encouraging your employees to jump in the saddle you’re giving them the power to take action. #CycleSeptember #LovetoRide4Climate

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