I Don't Own a Bike

Buying a bike can be intimidating, there are a lot of options out there so we’ve put together a simple decision tree to help you make sense of the complexity.

Getting Started

The most important considerations when thinking about getting a bike are what kind of riding you plan to do, how often, and what you want to spend to realise that vision. You can get a good used bike for £100, or drop 80 times that amount on a top-of-the-line brand new competitive racing model. Even if you have the budget, spending more isn’t always the right decision.

Here's a handy decision tree to break down the choices a little:

Taking Action

Once you’ve ended up at a branch on the tree that you think makes the most sense for you, here are the lessons we’ve learned:

  1. Go to two bike shops (if you can), and if you have a used bike shop in your area visit that too! More shops means a bit more time, but you’ll always be glad you did - finding a shop that treats you well will make a big difference in how much you pay, how easy it is to get things fixed, and how much you enjoy riding. We’ve put together a quick bike shop locator to get you started.
  2. Try out riding many bikes. See one you like? Try it. Bike shops will let you take a bike for a short test spin. Even if it’s out of your budget, the experience will help you figure out how you should best use your budget. Sometimes you think you want speed, but then it turns out you love comfort!
  3. Sleep on it. Let the experience percolate, and try more bikes if you haven’t fallen in love with one. Remember, if you really love your bike it’ll be another force motivating you to get out and ride!
  4. Love a bike? Buy it! Then get out there and enjoy life riding!


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