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Way to ride!

Over 1,600 people in Florida used their pedal power in November. Altogether you biked 308,134 miles and saved 11,642 lbs of CO2. 🚲💚🌏

This isn’t the end - you can use the Love to Ride website to keep logging rides, tracking your progress and setting goals all year round. 

Keep an eye out for a short survey from us in a few weeks' time. We rely on your responses to help us keep doing the work we do!

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Event status

Now complete!

Love to Ride Florida Challenge 2021

  • 198 Workplaces
  • 1,649 Participants
  • 147 New riders
  • 308,134 Miles
  • 16,541 Trips
  • 11,642 lbs CO2

Florida All time stats

  • 406 Workplaces
  • 5,950 People
  • 1,184 New riders
  • 6,575,539 Miles
  • 319,528 Rides
  • 192,988 lbs CO2
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