Cycling facilities in the Fort Worth come in a wide range of shapes and styles, from shared-use paths and trails to on-road infrastructure like bike lanes.

Multi-use paths

Fort Worth residents can access multi-use paths such as the Trinity Trails as well as an ever-expanding network of on-road bike facilities for getting to and around important regional centers. Multi-use trails, also called shared use paths, offer car-free space to ride though you'll usually share with pedestrians, hence the name. 

Riding on the road

When riding on the road, it's generally recommended to favor roads with fewer cars and slower traffic speeds, such as neighborhood residential streets - it may not always be the most direct, but it will be much more comfortable and may be more interesting as well! If you can't avoid riding on roads with speeds below 35 mph try to favor those with bike lanes or other dedicated infrastructure (if possible).

If you're unsure of how to navigate your city's streets and finding the most comfortable routes for riding, see if your local community has a bike-specific map or consult Google Maps' bicycle route feature. You can always ask a friend who rides a bike, or visit your local bike shop for guidance as well!

Tips for new riders

Find a comfortable place to ride - we like to suggest looking for one of the following:

District Cruise Challenge 

View a detailed map of all city council districts here- be sure to filter for Council Districts. View each District's map here. Complete the District Cruise challenge by riding in each district at least once during the month of July. 

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