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Love to Ride for Business

Love to Ride is a high-impact, low-cost program that is proven to get more people cycling, more often.

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We want every Love to Ride program to be as affordable and accessible as possible so we can achieve our mission of getting more people cycling, while providing a lot of value to businesses and generating revenue to sustain our work.

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  • People can register on the Love to Ride site as individuals
  • People can access all the individual functions of the site: setting goals, earning badges, logging rides, seeing their personal stats, etc.
  • Businesses won't get any view of their company statistics or staff members. Businesses won't have an online community for their staff (no internal department or staff leaderboards, community photos, messaging your co-workers, etc).
  • Businesses won't show up on the leaderboards or participate in our online workplace challenges.
  • Businesses won't be able to access their cycling data, get access to reports and exports.
Bike Month Challenge - 2021

  • Participate in the Bike Month Challenge - 2021
    • Individual Challenge
    • 1 month Program
  • Organization Profile Page - with each office/site having their own profile page and stats
  • Challenge Stats - get statistics and results from each of your offices/sites and for your whole organization
£7 £7 per participant + £300 £300 set up
£1,367 £6,076 for Unlimited Participants!
Ride 365

Year-round encouragement with Ride 365 - our recommended campaign calendar:

  • 12 Month Program
  • 4 Campaigns
    • Cycle September - Workplace Challenge
    • Winter Wheelers
    • Ride to Work Week
    • Bike Week
  • Everything you get with the National Bike Challenge
  • Premium Monthly Prizes and Incentives for your staff
  • Reports and Data Exports
£17 £17 per participant + £300 £300 set up
£3,072 £14,582 for Unlimited Participants!

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