Get more people riding towards our 2 million mile goal!

Did you know? Nearly 50% of trips taken by car are less than three miles long and 35% are less than two miles long. Thats why we're challenging you to transform 2 million miles of car trips into bike trips!

Encourage your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, dog-walker, cat-sitter, and anyone else you know to swap cars for handlebars for the Drive Less, Bike More challenge. Together, we want to show more Americans just how possible it is to go places by bike. Change is #BikePossible!

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If you want to spread the positive biking vibes, download the Promo Pack. It's full of short messages, emails, social media posts, and more. They’re ready to go, you just need to copy and paste! Keep scrolling to preview some of the great images you'll find inside.


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a person riding a bike near a large building. There is a blue frame around the photo with a logo that says drive less bike more. short trips, big change. An image of a family riding bikes, with the focus on the young daughter. Text over top of the image says #bikepossible A person in a high vis top rides towards a bridge on a bike path. An overlay on the image has the text #bikepossible

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A woman in a helmet and sunglasses rides towards the camera. An overlay on the corner of the image has a logo that says Drive Less Bike More A family rides bikes with one child on a scooter. A text overlay says #bikepossible A woman wearing a helmet and backpack rides a bike on a bike path. The overlay on the image is the Drive Less Bike More Logo with the text short trips, big change and an illustration of a bike.

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Messages to encourage others to get involved:

I'm joining the League of American Bicyclists’ challenge to Drive Less, Bike More and turn 2 million miles of car trips into 2 million miles of bike trips. You can take part too! Log your transportation bike rides at  👉!

What's fun, keeps cash in your pocket and not at the pump, and saves the planet? Running your next errand by bike instead of by car! I'm joining the Drive Less, Bike More challenge with the League of American Bicyclists and Love to Ride this year for 2 million miles of bike trips. You in?

It’s summer! Why not spend as much time outdoors (and outside cars) as possible? Starting today, soak up some sun and log more bike trips for transportation on Love to Ride 🚲 You'll be helping the League of American Bicyclists reach its goal of turning 2 million miles of car trips into bike trips:

I might be a bit biased, but biking rocks! 🙌 It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your health, and it’s really fun, (unless you’re going uphill 😅). Make your next short trip by bike and log it at to help make 2 million miles of bike trips happen in 2022.

Want to make a difference for the planet? 🌎 Join Love to Ride and The League’s challenge to Drive Less, Bike More. No matter when, where or how far you go, you’re taking climate-saving action just by choosing to replace your next car trip with a bike trip. 

A long Fourth of July 🇺🇸 weekend means more time to Drive Less, Bike More! There are so many ways to embrace the bicycle -- even when making long trips by car. Road trip to the beach? Bike to the grocery store to get your favorite snacks before you go! 🚲 Family BBQ? Make the day even more fun by biking there! Head to to make your rides make a difference.

Meeting a friend for dinner? 🍽 Here's an opportunity to turn a car ride into a fun bike trip! Log your transportation miles at to help make 2 million miles of bike trips happen in 2022 bike possible.

Make a long bike trip possible by combining modes of transportation using transit or carshare! Remember, short bike commutes count towards our shared goal of turning 2 million miles of car trips into bike trips, so log your ride at 👉

In 2021 we rode over 1.5 million miles for transportation, and this year we’ve upped the ante. How many trips to the store, to grab a coffee, or to run an errand do you do each week? Try hopping on your bike instead of in your car and help us reach our goal to ride 2 million miles for transportation in 2022! 😃 Log your rides at

The Bike Month Challenge 2023

May 1st - 31st

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