Skills for Biking More

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Want to make biking a bigger part of your routine? Maybe you just started learning how to ride and want to know how to ride safely and confidently so that you too can experience the joy of driving less and biking more? The League’s new series of Smart Cycling videos, available in both English and Spanish, cover everything from bike riding basics to lane positioning to parking your bike, plus tips for drivers on how to be safe road users. With Smart Cycling, anyone can make biking more possible — for themselves and others!

Get Ready to Ride with the ABC Quick Check

Starting, Stopping, Shifting

Signaling and Scanning

Lane Positioning And Intersections

Bike Parking And Sidewalks

Traffic And Safety Tips For Bicyclists

What Every Driver Should Know About Sharing The Road

The League’s Smart Cycling program has a lot of videos to bring drivers up to speed on how, where and why bicyclists ride. Check them out, share them with friends, and keep an eye on your local bike advocacy organizations for online resources about riding in your area. Use the League’s map to find your local groups.

Common Crashes Between Bicyclists And Drivers

WHY are bicyclists in the MIDDLE of the road?

Traffic Laws And Cycling For Drivers

Check out the League’s Youtube for more Smart Cycling videos

The League of American Bicyclists believes education is a huge component of making bicycling a safe and real option for transportation for more people. Learn more about the League’s Smart Cycling program, including how you can become a League Certifed Instructor and teach bicycling:


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