Ridership Has Privileges 

Cycling during Cycle September is not only good for your health, the planet, and your organization, it's good for your wallet too! Meet the target for each offer and we'll send you a voucher or a coupon code to access these discounts.

Look at all these awesome discounts from our even more awesome sponsors! 

- 20% off all products

Target: Log a ride in Cycle September 

- 30% off gloves #spreadtheglove

Target: Encourage 1 person

  - 20% off lights

Target: Log at least 2 trips

 - 10% & 20%


  • 10% Off All Products - Log at least 2 trips
  • 20% Off All Products - Encourage 5 people
  • 20% Off Annual Subscription Packages - Log 50 miles


Target: Everyone!

Code to use at checkout: CYCLESEPTEMBER

Sign up for Spinlister - after you found a sweet ride, during checkout, click on "Have a promo code?" and input the code. Only valid through the month of September and can be used once. Happy riding!

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Event status

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Cycle September UK

  • 127 Organisations
  • 1,637 Participants
  • 134 New riders
  • 213,765 Miles
  • 20,242 Trips
  • 52,357 lbs CO2
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