Bike Week, 8-16 June

This June we're teaming up with Cycling UK to celebrate everyday cycling for everyone - and you're invited to experience the freedom of two wheels and help others to discover the joys and benefits of cycling. 

Cycling is fun, (almost) free, easy and it's good for you: people who ride to work are far less likely to suffer from cancer or heart disease and if more people get around by bike our air will be cleaner, saving lives and making our towns and cities greener and more liveable.

Cycling UK provide free insurance for all events listed on the Bike Week website, so take a look to find out what's on in your area or start planning your own event (we've got some handy tips to help you run a bike breakfast here).

The theme is #7DaysofCycling - we'll be inviting all Love to Ride members to try and ride seven times during Bike Week and we'll be sharing different cycling experiences using the hashtag and our new Stories feature to celebrate:

  1. Enjoying the social side of cycling

  2. Cycling to school and engaging children in cycling

  3. The mental health benefits of cycling

  4. Businesses boosting their cycle-friendliness

  5. Favourite three-miles - best short routes by bike

  6. Getting fit and healthy through cycling

  7. Travelling from A-B by bike 

There are no rules on what counts as one of your seven - from riding to work to cycling to the shops; from giving your bike a spring clean to joining a cycle club - all you need to do is share a photo, video or story about your experience on Love to Ride or via social media on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the #7DaysofCycling hashtag. 


We've recently launched a new Stories feature on Love to Ride. You can easily share your own cycling story or read other people's for fun and inspiration. Look out for prize announcements linked to sharing stories with the Love to Ride community soon!

Clubs & Groups

Cycling is always more fun in company, so we've launched a new Clubs & Groups feature to help you ride with friends. It caters for everyone from competitive cycling clubs to informal social cycling groups and it's a great way to collaboratively track your mileage, arrange and share rides and compete with other Clubs & Groups. Find out more and register your Club here.

Spread the love!

Love to Ride is all about getting more people on bikes. Check out our Resources page for lots of useful content to copy, paste and share - helping others to discover the joys and benefits of cycling is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse...

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Our year-round programme of events

Bike Week is the second in our year-round programme of events! Learn more about the events we've lined up for 2019 below.

Cycle September

Cycle September is our flagship workplace challenge and it takes place in the month of September. Workplaces compete against each other to see which can encourage most staff to try riding bikes. 

Workplaces compete in different size categories based on the number of staff. The offices that come out on top in their category will win prizes at the end of the month. In 2018, we introduced global leaderboards and they're back in 2019! You will be able to see how your company ranks locally, nationally and globally.

You can join or create a workplace profile here. 

Winter Wheelers (1-25 December) 

Winter Wheelers is our advent calendar and takes place between 1-25 December. We want to help, incentivise and encourage you to keep riding once the summer is behind us. Cycling over the winter months is a great way to go outside, get exercise and feel happy and healthy as the days get shorter. 

We're giving away prizes from our awesome sponsors every day of Winter Wheelers. The more you ride, the more chances you have of winning!

Bike Week

June 1st - 30th

Ends in 13 days!


Bike Week

  • 1,267 Participants
  • 52 New riders
  • 139,298 Miles
  • 9,746 Trips
  • 19,624 lbs CO2

CityConnect all time stats

  • 396 Organisations
  • 5,066 People
  • 1,057 New riders
  • 5,425,905 Miles
  • 441,116 Rides
  • 1,054,189 lbs CO2
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