Local Prizes

This Bike Month there are tons of great prizes just for riders in Carmel!

Early Bird Registration Prize - 10x $20 gift cards to a local restaurant or retailer

How to win: Sign up for the Bike Month Challenge before May 1 to be entered to win!

Congratulations to:

Ryan at Rollfast
Paul D 
Karen C 
Luke A
Aden L
Chuck R
Michael L at Department of Housing and Urban Development
Matt T at Rollfast
Sara C from Noblesville
Donna W

Weekly Prizes

Week 1 - 5x $20 gift cards to a local restaurant or retailer

How to win: Log a ride on your Love to Ride profile before May 7 to be entered to win

Congratulations to:

Jim B at Indiana University Health
Jill B from Carmel
Lindsay Y from Indianapolis
John L at Rollfast
Linda K

Week 2 - 5x $25 gift cards to a local restaurant or retailer

How to win: New to riding a bike? This one's for you! All new riders who log a ride before May 14 will be entered to win. New riders are those who answered on their registration survey that they have not ridden a bike in the past 12 months, or have only ridden 1-2 times. 

Congratulations to:

Keith B from Carmel
Paul P at PXP Endurance
Hani S at City of Carmel
Leigh A at IU Health North - Carmel
Jessica K at Methodist Sports Medicine

Week 3 - 4x $50 gift cards to a local restaurant or retailer

How to win: Swap your car for handlebars! Log a ride for transportation between May 17-23 to be entered to win. Ride to the store, run an errand, or even ride to work! Then log it as a"ride for transport" in your Love to Ride profile.

Congratulations to:

Rachel K at City of Carmel
Riley H at Methodist Sports Medicine
Thomas K at Hotel Carmichael
Sutamas P from Carmel

Week 4 -$25 gift cards to a local restaurant or retailer

How to win: This week's prizes is all about encouraging others! Encourage friends and family to join the Bike Month Challenge all month long. When prompted, they can list you as their encourager and you earn points for encouraging them. Every person you encourage is another entry into the drawing! Find out more about encouraging here.

Congratulations to:

Michelle J at Hotel Carmichael
Kara D at Hotel Carmichael
Steve E at City of Carmel
Nancy C at Wessler Engineering
Nate M at Methodist Sports Medicine

Grand Prize - $100 gift card to a local restaurant or retailer

How to win: Log your rides and encourage others to earn points during May. More points = more entries into the prize drawing. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win!

Congratulations to:

Braden S from Carmel

500 Miles in May

How to win: Can you go the distance? Up to 15 riders who bike 500 miles in May will automatically win a $25 Gift Card and a plaque commemorating their efforts. 

Congratulations to: 

Neil G at Eli Lilly and Co.
Mark O from Carmel
Jay H from Carmel
Jay S at Methodist Sports Medicine
Jeanne S from Carmel
John C from Carmel
Steve E at City of Carmel
Matt T at Rollfast
Braden S from Carmel
Madelyn Z from Carmel
John L at Rollfast
David C at Future Velo LLC

Workplace Prize

How to win: All month long, log rides and encourage friends in order to earn points. Your points will help your workplace climb the leaderboard in your size category. At the end of May, the top workplace in each size category will be entered into a random drawing to win a $100 gift card for the team. 

Congratulations to: 

Wessler Engineering and their champ Jacob B

Carmel All time stats

  • 17 Workplaces
  • 374 People
  • 87 New riders
  • 408,546 Miles
  • 18,869 Rides
  • 30,815 lbs CO2
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